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A Syndicated Two-Minute Daily Radio Feature

"It's a Matter of Your Health" is a medical health feature covering a wide range of health topics, heard daily on radio stations across the United States.

The feature draws upon renowned medical sources from around the nation for its daily dose of powerful, practical and positive health information. It is a no-nonsense, yet upbeat program appealing to all persons whether they approach medicine traditionally or holistically.

The feature presents pertinent health information in a way that can be easily understood. It is something that people talk about with associates, friends and family.

A Little About the Feature

"It's a Matter of Your Health" condenses subjects to deliver a clear, concise, and comprehensive message on health issues. The daily feature provides common sense, timely, interesting and factual medical information and news reporting covering every facet of health.

The purpose of the program is to get people to think, ask questions, and to help them avoid making mistakes, or wrong decisions, regarding their health.

The goals of this syndicated radio program are as follows:

  • To make a significant contribution as a major force in reporting health information, that raises greater awareness and helps people to live healthier lives.
  • To present health news and information in a way that is easily understood and as a voice of reason, if you will.
  • To provide listeners with the kind of health program that reports health news and information objectively - without bias.

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