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About Us - what people are saying...

"It's a Matter of Your Health" provides a needed voice and perspective on important public health problems. The program alerts the public to matters requiring urgent attention.
Dr. Raymond Singer, Neurotoxicologist and Neuropsychologist

The experience and enthusiasm of "It's a Matter of Your Health" is a welcome voice in this nation where the excessive use of drugs has often been misnamed "Healthcare". I'm ready to hear the truth about the important health issues of today.
Jane Hersey, National Director, Feingold Association of America

A man-on-the-street in the radio booth: "It's a Matter of Your Health" makes complex dialogue with guests down-to-earth, while displaying brilliant insights of their concerns and issues. The program host makes the complex simple, and the obscure meaningful. Most important of all, it is focusing public attention on vitally important but often overlooked subjects. Like Paul Harvey, it is "telling the rest of the story".
Daniel Gibson, Freelance Editor, Journalist and Publicist

Getting to the essence of the problems confronting health and people.
Ray Schmidt, Scientist and Researcher

Performing the most important service needed in the modern era. "It's a Matter of Your Health" is educating the public about the hazards of the multitude of chemicals we routinely consume and are exposed to in our living environment each and every day.
John McPhee, Environmental Planner

"It's a Matter of Your Health" dares to shine a beacon on the inadequacies of our "disease-care" system, in responding to modern lifestyle-induced, medical conundrums. In the process, it educates the audience about taking responsibility for their "health care" and investigating viable alternative treatment modalities and lifestyle options.
Irene Wilkenfeld, Consultant, Lecturer and Writer

It's a Matter of Your Health's unique, first-hand experience with the complicated and often hidden health hazards that lurk throughout our modern environment, brings a valuable perspective to today's health care issues. It provides a crucial service in raising the awareness of listeners to those issues by bringing them out of the medical journals and into the light of common-sense analysis and discussion.
Richard W. Hughes, Attorney

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